Global Market for Preservation, Packaging and Shelf Life Extenders is Expected to Reach Nearly $521 bn in 2017

April 1, 2013

The flourishing food and beverage industry depends on appropriate preservation and packaging techniques. Food safety is the key aspect that drives this market, and it drives ongoing developments in novel and innovative preservation techniques to be incorporated in everyday food. In addition, the shift in consumer food preferences, multicultural food habits, globalization factors, the multinational work culture, increased spending capacity, trade regulations and processes and other factors have forced food processors and manufactures to intensify development of advanced scientific processes in food preservation, packaging and shelf extending techniques, as well as presentation elements.

Fresh food such as fruits and vegetables are the most important sources of human nutrition, and it is all the more necessary to consume fresh produce to maintain good health in light of today’s stressful and demanding lifestyles. This increasing demand for fresh natural food has led to the development of inventive and natural preservatives by the manufactures. From preservation to advanced packaging, refrigeration or freezing, manufacturers and processors are utilizing all resources to ensure that foods and beverages attain and retain their highest level of taste, freshness, safety and health to satisfy consumer demand.

During 2010 through 2012, various companies came forward with innovative packaging products. In the packaging arena, there were consistent improvements through the examined period. Advancement was seen in both the conventional packaging like canning and bottling—turning to smart and advanced packaging that the modified and controlled atmosphere to intelligent packaging with quality sensors or interactive packaging techniques. There was a boost in frozen foods due to the increased consumption of functional and on-the-go food. Complementary to that are the thermally processed foods that require heating of preprocessed foods. Preservation techniques such as encapsulation, irradiation and others came about. More applications were found due to increased consumer awareness of informed packaging. Collaborative efforts and development of research organizations are adding to further enhancement in preservation techniques.

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This report provides:

  • An overview of preservatives and shelf-life extension in foods and beverages
  • Analyses of U.S. as well as international market trends, with data from 2011 and 2012, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2017
  • Examination of the industry structure and competitiveness

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