Electromagnetic Shielding Products Market is Significantly Affected by the Growth of Fiber Optics Technology

January 8, 2013

Growth rates, best measured by overall coverage in square feet, are fairly uniform and are slightly above 3% per year, with the exception of conductive coatings due to several factors led by increased use of higher frequencies. There are some environmental and cost issues due to the use of electroless plating and vacuum metallization along with conductive paints, which are components of the conductive coatings segment.

Ever increasing frequencies driven by higher chip speeds, in which many traditional shielding options do not perform as well as with lower frequencies resulting in leakage of extraneous electronic signals. This is a controversial subject because some EMI shielding producers claim that their current products can be effective at higher frequencies. It is still not completely clear whether redesigning circuitry can solve EMI problems occurring at higher frequencies.

This report provides:

  • An overview of the global market for products to deal with electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) problems that are encountered in the operation of electronic equipment and implications for plastics and competitive materials/technologies used to suppress that interference
  • Global market trends and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) from 2012 through 2018
  • Analysis of trends in components and devices used in the electronics and other industries, such as medical, automotive, and consumer products
  • Identification of the current state of the electronics and other industries, the market for plastics-based shielding options, key participants, shielding technologies, patents, materials, shielding components, and a “time line” of global developments.
  • Comprehensive company profiles of major players.

Use this report to:

  • Forecast the market for EMI/RFI materials and technologies in terms of dollar and unit sales
  • Classify the market for EMI/RFI materials and technologies by geographical region in terms of dollar and unit sales
  • Analyze key market players and stakeholders
  • Receive an in-depth patent analysis of emerging technologies.

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September 5, 2008

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Nanotool Market Projected to Explode Over Next Five Years

June 9, 2008

Nanotools accounted for 12.8% of the market in 2007. Nanotools, which include the nanolithographic tools used to produce the next generation of semiconductors, are projected to grow at a much faster rate than nanomaterials.¹


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