Categories covered in BCC Research Reports

BCC Research

BCC Research is a leading publisher of high-quality, technology market research reports and technical publications. BCC Research reports provide quantified measurements of the market and all major industry segments, as well as in-depth analysis of key market drivers and trends.

For over 35 years, BCC Research market analysis has delivered high-quality market research reports, newsletters and conferences providing businesses with the insights they need to make intelligent and strategic business decisions.[1]

Categories covered in BCC Research Reports:

Advanced Materials
Ceramics, glass, composites, nanomaterials, and various materials used in high-technology products and processing.

Explore how this ground-breaking technology will spur growth in various markets, including medical, healthcare, biotechnology, environmental, general manufacturing, and others.

Semiconductor Manufacturing
Front-end and back-end processing technologies and equipment, new materials that enhance semiconductor manufacturing, thin films, technology advances such as system-on-a-chip, and various device markets.

Advanced Transportation Technologies
Mobile telematics, intelligent transportation systems, use of new materials in transportation, and use of various advanced technologies in transportation applications are included in this research category.

Instrumentation & Sensors
Coverage includes new sensor types and advanced sensor materials; remote sensing; instrumentation used in chemistry, life sciences, biotechnology, and engineering applications; and much more.

Automation equipment/systems, robotics, advanced controls, engineering and product design tools and technologies.

Information Technology
Devices, components, systems, hardware, software, and new applications of information technology, as well as products for network/Internet security and safety.

Safety & Security
Product and technologies for homeland security, protection of intellectual property, forensics, surveillance, and anti-terrorism, as well as commercial and military applications.

New manufacturing technologies and tools, production machinery, product developments, process improvements that affect various manufacturing industries, and infrastructure considerations for manufacturing.

The affect of new technologies and tightening regulations on various segments of the global chemical industry; global chemical commodities and underlying factors that are changing segments of the industry; specialty chemicals; and alternative chemicals.

All major polymers, additives, processes, applications of plastics, intermaterials competition, transparent plastics, reinforced plastics, recyclable plastics, biodegradable plastics, and equipment used in plastics processing.

Diagnostic and therapeutic technologies that are based on biotechnology, including epigenomics, DNA diagnostics, enzyme inhibitors, bioengineering drugs, equipment used in biotech processes, and other timely topics.

Drugs for many different health problems, including cancer, influenza, neurological disorders, metabolic diseases, inflammatory diseases, women’s disorders, and many others. Also drug classes such as generics or orphan drugs, and drug ingredients.

Medical devices including diagnostics kits, dental equipment, imaging equipment, aesthetic devices, and a wide variety of diagnostic and therapeutic equipment; technologies and techniques such as telemedicine, organ and tissue transplantation, pain management, wound care, and others.

Fuel Cells & Battery Technologies
Proton exchange membrane fuel cells, materials for fuel cells, fuel cells for large and small applications, solid oxide fuel cells, fuel cell equipment, large and small battery technology, portable batteries, battery controls, lithium ion batteries, batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles and other major applications.

Energy & Resources
Utility, oil, gas, and nuclear technologies as well as any regulatory, legal, and alternative-energy markets including those for biomass, wind energy, solar power, and energy-saving equipment and devices.

Technologies used to control and remediate air and water pollution, as well as waste treatment and final disposition technologies. Also equipment used in environmental applications, such as environmental sensors; green building materials; and green chemicals and other materials.

Membrane & Separation Technology
Markets for membrane separation in water treatment, recycling, biopharmaceuticals, fuels cells, waste treatment, food processing, and other markets.

Food & Beverage
Food ingredients, additives, testing, supplements, sweeteners, packaging technologies, processing technologies, functional foods, wellness foods, and niche food markets.

BCC Research Analysts:

  • Are recognized experts in the technical markets they cover
  • Reside in countries experiencing major market changes including: US, UK, Canada, Israel, France, Portugal, Germany, India, China, Malaysia, Brazil, Spain
  • Hold doctorate degrees and other advanced degrees
  • Have many years of experience in the fields they research; many analysts have been conducting research in their fields of expertise for 20 years or more
  • Use their deep knowledge of specific technical markets to identify and quantify market growth drivers as well as factors that can slow market growth
  • Apply time-tested and proven methodology to quantify current size and future growth of technical markets and all key market segments within those markets

BCC Research management conducts an ongoing dialogue with the technical market research community and continues to add new, expert analysts to its research team.


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