BCC Research estimates Global Market for Content Delivery Networks to grow to $6.87 billion by 2017

Content delivery networks (CDN) are the critical infrastructure required for delivering consumer content such as video, multimedia applications and business-to-business applications. BCC Research studied the CDN market and found the same as a growing opportunity for suppliers; yet market data was focused on the value of content services from an end-user’s perspective. BCC through this study specifically looks at the supply side of the equation for technology platforms.

According to BCC’s report – Content Delivery Networks:  Global Markets, the global market for content delivery network hardware was valued at $3.07 billion in 2011 and $3.58 billion in 2012. It will further grow to $6.87 billion in 2017, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.9% from 2012 through 2017. Furthermore, the report states that the CDN market is being powered primarily by growth in the video delivery segment, which is expected to grow more than 30% in five years as a result of the surging popularity of over-the-top video.
A purchase of this supply side perspective study on CDN market will provide the reader with:

  • A comprehensive view of the content delivery networks market both globally and by region, focusing on the revenue the market will generate for suppliers of hardware, including routers, switches, storage devices and servers.
  • An understanding of the key drivers of the market, including Internet adoption, mobile device proliferation and content demand.
  • An understanding of the key technology issues—specifically the limitations of the Internet as originally designed and deployed—which provide a market for content delivery network hardware and content delivery service providers and services.
  • An understanding of the major service providers that comprise the ecosystem of potential content delivery customers.
  • Profiles of major content delivery network providers and their suppliers.

This study will find favor particularly with suppliers of networking equipment and software. Companies engaged in the manufacture of routers, switches, storage devices and servers are the main intended audience for this BCC report. Service providers can also benefit from this report by understanding the demand drivers, peer providers and suppliers under consideration of technology purchase designs. Finally, the report will also prove beneficial to investors by offering a better understanding of market dynamics for informed investment decisions.

Explore this detailed report by clicking here for a complimentary download of the ‘Introduction’ chapter.


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