Large and Advanced Battery Technology & Markets

By Large and Advanced Batteries, we mean:

a. Secondary (rechargeable) electrochemical energy storage devices (batteries)
b. “Large” in terms of size and energy capacity and
c. Technologically advanced.

This definition excludes all primary (nonrechargeable) batteries and all lead-acid automotive batteries, as well as all A, C, and D cylindrical batteries and button cells. Nonautomotive lead-acid batteries are included. Many portable product batteries, including computer power, portable tools, and battery-powered lawn-care products are included.

This report is intended to provide a unique analysis of the global large and advanced battery market, and will be of interest to manufacturers of batteries, battery chargers, and battery-powered products, including stationary and portable products, and battery-powered vehicles. It also will be valuable to those involved in large and advanced battery development and marketing, as well as those offering competing nonrechargeable power sources. Existing or potential battery consumers, as well as the military and the medical profession, can determine existing or potential battery markets. End users (OEMs or consumers) will learn what designs battery systems will and will not allow.

For more information on this report and to download the introduction chapter for free, please visit


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